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PALS Islandora Community Support Services
We will work with you to from the beginning to plan the repository, each collection, determine the appropriate metadata standard and elements to use, and provide support throughout the configuration and ingest phases of the project. We like to begin each project with in person planning meetings to get to know who we are working with. Throughout the project we'll conduct many virtual meetings and additional training as needed.

Once the repository is operational, PALS will offer ongoing support and consultation services to assist the customer in using Islandora functionality to its fullest. PALS offers an online support center through which customers can input problems or questions. Keyword searching is utilized to offer existing potential answers to any question entered. Additionally, the PALS office support staff is available by phone or e-mail.

When you join the PALS Islandora Community you will also be able to talk and work with our partners. We facilitate and encourage collaboration among our partners, through regular chat hours, and several of our partners have presented together at conferences. For more information on Islandora, see our website: https://www.mnpals.org/products/islandora.

We are happy to work on custom development for your Islandora repository. Our general policy with development is that if we think the functionality would be of interest for all our sites using Islandora, then there will be little to no extra cost to you.

If the development work is for a feature unique to your site, there will likely be additional charges related to the project. We will determine these charges on a case by case basis.

All of our partners will get access to any new features, ingest forms, and documentation.

Any custom developments we make may be submitted to the international Islandora community.

In the early stages of the project, the customer will receive in person (or web-based) training on the use of Islandora. As the customer makes use of new features or new Islandora functionality becomes available, additional training will be provided as needed.

Current Implementations
PALS is hosting and building repositories for Minnesota State University, Mankato, Southwest Minnesota State University, The College of St. Scholastica, Winona State University, and St. Cloud Technical and Community College.

Pricing of Islandora services is based on FYE students or patrons, and the amount of storage used.

PALS assumes responsibility for the hardware and software needed to ensure the ongoing availability and quality of Islandora instances and related services that we host and support. In addition, PALS provides storage space for all ingested objects and their derivatives, metadata, and indexes. Administrative access to the system is available to our customers via the Islandora web interface, which can be used to configure Islandora and the Drupal interface. System and support functions and tasks are divided between the customer and PALS staff as mutually agreed upon.

The PALS data center is co-located with the Minnesota State University, Mankato data center. We continuously work to ensure that our servers and the network perform at optimal levels. Processing power, memory and space are allocated based on requirements and can be adjusted dynamically as needed. Our operating environment allows us to easily scale our systems to meet increasing system requirements. The University/PALS data center is on a 1Gb State trunk line with redundant routing available through a local ISP. The trunk line is part of the statewide network managed by the State of Minnesota Office of Information Technology.

The main data center is located in the Memorial Library building along with the University IT and PALS office space. The redundant data center is located in a different building on campus and is built to tornado shelter specifications. The data centers are secured using an RFID card access system and are separated from the office space and other building locations. Access to the data centers is restricted to essential University/PALS server and network administrators and campus security personnel. Access to the redundant data center and off-site backup storage is restricted further on a need-to-access basis.

Contact Information
For more information about Islandora services provided by PALS, please contact the PALS office..